counterstrike & memories

Sometimes, the oddest of circumstances makes you remember things you did in the past, that somehow you forgot over the years. And most of the time, it puts a really big smile on your face when you think about how simple times were.

I was having an innocent argument with an artist about stuff that we’ve made in the past. While my friend is clearly the better artist between the two of us, I remembered that I really wanted to be a (graphic) artist at some point in my life.

Since Grade 5 or 6, I have always been the biggest Counter-Strike fan, until some tragic event a couple of years ago that forced me to quit. I played a lot of Counter-Strike, so I’m pretty sure my 662 HOURS PLAYED on Steam is inaccurate. In my spare time then, I thought about Counter-Strike a lot. Fiddled with the backend graphics; new scripts, new models, new decals.

My Grade 9 Art mark was an astounding 100, a surprise, even to myself. I think my Art teacher had a lot of hope in me, and was probably a little heartbroken when me and my friend (who also got 100), decided not to take Grade 10 Art.

I had before stumbled upon a thriving online game modding community in FPSBanana. I was hooked. I vividly remember seeing Teh Snake. He made many brilliant and amazing mods, and quite possibly the reason I wanted to go into graphic design back then.

Eventually, I tried my hand at modding, and upon realizing I hadn’t the talent or the experience, I tried something much, much easier, and something that brings me a little bit of joy to see online now.

I made a custom hand skin for Counter-Strike after collaborating a bit with the original owner, Nasaratsu. Here’s the link, and while it’s really bad, I’m still extremely proud of it. Over 6,000 downloads, and 14,000 views. :’)


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