some cables feel really nice

I recently gained possession of a really nice pair of cables. 1/4” male to 1/4” male. Nothing special really, except the cable feels really nice.

I have a pair of Blue Dragon cables from Moon-Audio. Apparently it’s surrounded by Kevlar and Teflon tape. Yum. That link isn’t the same pair, but it’s close. It feels like a really high quality braided cable. All newer Razer peripherals come braided with a cloth like material. It feels nice, but the Blue Dragon cable is less flexible, with a really strong and plasticky feel.

It feels amazing.

My new cable feels even better. It’s completely rubberized, which isn’t something I’ve seen a lot. The rubber is really textured, unlike the smooth plasticky rubber on a lot of cables. It’s made by Fender, and says Professional Noiseless Cable on the cable itself. I don’t know why that message is required. Isn’t that expected of every cable?

Oh well. It feels so nice I don’t mind.


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