word scores

1..26 for a..z

From the inspiration above, I decided to check out what words actually fit this definition. Sorry for the Comic Sans in the image, though.

First, I'll define

``` python def chars = map ( [char for char in word], range(1,26+1)) def word_score = sum ( char for char in chars ) ```

Here's what that looks like in code.

``` python import os, inspect, string write_file = "output.txt" current_file = "sumofletters.py" exceptions = [write_file, current_file] output = open(write_file,'w').close() output = open(write_file,'a') def word_score_list(word): return [ (string.ascii_lowercase.find(character)+1) for character in list(word) ] def word_score(word): # user-enforce lower case word parameter return sum(word_score_list(word)) def select_word(word, lower_range, upper_range): if len(word) > 2: if list(word)[-2] == "'" and list(word)[-1] == "s": return False if word_score(word) >= lower_range and word_score(word) < upper_range: return True return False def walk_words(dictionary_path, lower_range, upper_range): for word in open(dictionary_path).readlines(): word = word.strip().lower() if select_word(word, lower_range, upper_range) == True: output.write( str( ( word, word_score_list(word) ) ).strip("()") + "\n" ) def walk_dictionaries(current_path, lower_range, upper_range): for root, directories, files in os.walk(current_path): for dictionary in files: if dictionary not in exceptions: dictionary_path = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(root,dictionary)) print "Checking", dictionary_path walk_words(dictionary_path, lower_range, upper_range) print "Done!" def main(): walk_dictionaries(".", 100, 101) output.close() if __name__ == "__main__": main() ```

Not as pretty as it could be, but it works fairly well. Here's the result from my pastebin.

Ignoring non-ASCII characters, I get 5340 matches for words that total to 100. 'Inefficient' appears on there, so I have proven that first image is false with this contradiction.

Other interesting words that appear for word_score == 100 are:

  • excellent
  • snobbery
  • socialism
  • reengineer
  • practicing
  • defeminized


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