CS241 MERL file linker

For an assignment in my CS241 class, we had to link two MERL files by hand. I didn't want to do this, but I didn't understand the concept of linking MERL files well enough to program a linker to do it for me. I finished the assignment by hand, and after doing that, I could finally complete this linker I was working on. It was an interesting lesson to learn.

I really enjoyed writing the linker, because it was fun to implement an algorithm to parse the input the output with classes, even though my solution is very primitive.

I found out a slightly annoying limitation of Python that I must look for a solution around in the future. Apparently I can't directly read the MERL file directly, so my program's input has to be an xdd file, after running the UNIX xxd utility. Annoying, but I will live with it in the meantime.

``` console xxd -c 4 file1.merl > file1.xxd xxd -c 4 file2.merl > file2.xxd python linker.py file1.xxd file2.xxd output.txt ```

I put the code up here.


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