stuff to do

So many things I want to do, that it just seems impossible. Hopefully I will cross them all off before 2013 is over. Also, this means I have something physical to achieve, and hopefully I won’t forget them.


  • Learn Scheme
  • Learn Haskell
  • Write a 2D grid based sprite engine, and eventually game in Python
  • Fix the hack-y fixes I use for this site’s CSS.
  • Rewrite the CSS for this site to make it nicer.
  • Figure out how to get markdown working for these blog posts.
  • Create a less contrasty theme and layout for this site.
  • Write and publish a Windows Phone 8 application.


  • Finish building my computer rig.
  • Finish building my dad’s computer from my old parts.
  • Physically mod my computer case.
  • Finish buying my ideal monitor setup.


  • Get back into shape.
  • Get into the habit of going to the gym.
  • Attend every single Kendo lesson for a term when I’m available.
  • Get to an 8 minute mile.
  • Wear my retainer at least every other night.
  • Floss at least every other night.


  • Be happier than I have been the last 6 months.
  • Do something new every day.
  • Blog at least once a month.
  • Write in my journal weekly.
  • Find my dream pair of headphones.
  • Smile.


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