I hurt some people today.

Everything was completely in my power to not allow this to happen, but I screwed up. On a ridiculous level even. Something that broke years of who I am, because for some reason I haven’t been caring for a while. For things, for myself, for others.

That probably won’t change for a while as I get this out of my system. But there are some things that I can change.

I can’t force people to make decisions like this. Force people to choose between hurting others and being true to themselves. That’s pathetic, and I should be and I am ashamed.

I’m grateful that I can see this sadness in myself, and there are a couple things that I can do in order to stop this madness. I mean, how can I live with myself if I do these kinds of things to people.

People who don’t feel are lucky. Or am I lucky that I can comprehend and understand and grow with these feelings?


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