Face the challenges

This is one of my roughest school terms in my life.

Last school term, I decided I had to lay off the gas pedal. I was still under depression, and in no condition to think properly. All I could do was attempt to keep my average up enough to retain a really amazing scholarship. And it worked, barely, even though I had hideous marks in very simple science courses that just required me to do minimal studying. I didn’t study well enough, and my marks reflected that, but I am glad that it was not much worst.

This term was different. I had set out with the goal to erase the failure of last term from my mind, but really what resulted was beginning the school term with 3 weeks of allergies, and experiencing hay fever for the first time. It completely destroyed my sleep schedule and turned me somewhat nocturnal, ruining my class attendance for another 3 weeks. The 8:30AM classes didn’t help, but the hay fever was disastrous, and it took until now to completely get over it.

And now it’s one week before my first midterm and I’m seriously behind. But in a way I’m happy.

For the first time I’ve had, I’m facing adversity in my academic life. I’ve never actually felt the actual urge to compete with my peers for a while. Both my past conceitedness or just a general lack of adversity really never helped, but this time I’ve found something. Myself.

And it is exciting to see that this is the time for me to prove myself, to myself, against myself. It’s not worrying, but thrilling, and I hope I can meet the challenge.


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