Get your shit together Microsoft

No one from Microsoft is ever going to read this but I’m going to vent for a little bit.

Get your shit together Microsoft.

You made a Windows Phone OS. Great. It looked really slick, and really different from everything else that’s out there. But that’s not enough of a reason to make it a real competitor.

Why has there been absolutely no major updates to how the system looks, feels and behaves since its creation, WP7?

The default Mail application is god-awful. It looks like shit. It lacks every basic feature like Archives. Flagged emails aren’t flagged anymore when other email pushes them out of the most recent emails list. Huge blocks of space are misused in the Show Folders.

How in the hell did this shitty UX make it out of your Mail development team, and why has there been no updates to make this at least look pretty or even more functional.

Why the hell has there been no updates to maybe enhance the settings on the OS? Things like, better colour options, better tile management, more screens to pin tiles, LANDSCAPE MODE ON THE MAIN SCREEN. QUICK SCROLLING WITH A SCROLLBAR INSTEAD OF JUMP LISTS.

Why is the calendar app so completely incompetent? I can only add Appointments to the Calendar? wtf are appointments? Outlook only has Tasks, Events, Birthdays and Calendars. Are you joking that this hasn’t been brought up yet?

Why the hell do I have no way of closing a notification early? I have to sit there and stare at the notification while it tells me something I’ve already read 5 times since I can’t shove it away early. What shit is that?

It’s absolutely bullshit that there have been absolutely zero improvements to the OS since its inception, and completely unacceptable. You should be bloody ashamed of yourself Microsoft, because all of these failures are entirely bullshit.

And all this other failures with the Xbox One do absolutely nothing to help you.

Get your shit together Microsoft. I like supporting you, but I have a limit of how much complete and utter shit I can handle. If you want to be competitive, make something that doesn’t make me want to throw my flagship $600 Lumia 920 at a wall, and then explain to me like I was 4 why it’s awesome.



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