Cold Showers

There’s a surprising amount of research into cold showers. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone who loves a hot shower, but there’s plenty of people backing it up.

It’s actually pretty enjoyable after a while, and the feeling of awakeness after one is much more present. That’s why this is my favourite reason for showering.

Cold showers may or may not have health benefits and may or may not be good for you. But at the very least, they aren’t bad. I mean, how else did we shower before we had central heating systems? Just dump some cold water over your head and be done with it.

But the best part is really just how mentally challenging it is to willingly step into a cold shower. There’s a part of you that knows that you would much rather have a hot shower, so why not turn the knob the other way and be done with it? And it takes a good deal of personal effort to stand there under the cold water. And then you realize it’s not so bad.

The benefit is really just having to tax your mind and body with really little inconveniences that you can handle. Part of growing is being comfortable with things that are supposed to be uncomfortable. It really strengthens your mind and spirit when you realize that little things that you’re not phased by how hot your water is when you shower, how weird it smells on the bus, or how your coworker is a bit of a jerk.

It’s part of this ever evolving part of life calling being present. Being present involves just being wholly conscious of your actions. Being conscious of the thoughts that you’re thinking, of the actions you’re doing and the words you’re speaking, and of the air you’re breathing. It’s being right there and feeling the world on your skin.

And when you tell yourself to take a cold shower, not only is the reality of the coldness blowing in your face, but you are consciously making the decision to challenge that voice telling you to settle down, turn on autopilot and get on with your life. You are telling your mind that you are in control, and today we’re going to take a cold shower. You are living in the present rather than cruising by.

Not to say you should put yourself in awkward and uncomfortable positions just to tax your mind and body. There’s always a good line between taxing your body and actually causing long term health problems.

But it’s good to think sometimes about being more aware of your actions, and understanding why you commit to those actions. And you can start by taking a cold shower.


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