don't worry, be happy

Let’s start 2014 on a happy note.

I’m going to try to go 365 days without any of the previous baggage.

This term, I’m going to go cold turkey on as much as possible. I think you’ve reached a good point when you’re happy about always being busy and you always have something planned to do, even if it is just planned downtime. It sucks a bit to waste so much time on trivial stuff like checking Facebook or Reddit or Twitter or whatever. So I’m going to try and cut all of that and replace it with something more meaningful.

First stop, Stayfocusd and Cold Turkey. These will be used to severely limit distractions like Facebook or Reddit or TeamLiquid. I talked previously about how bad these distractions are for you. They’ll be blocked throughout my day so I’m forced to go out more.

I’m going to remove a bunch of apps from my phone as well.

Next stop is going to be scheduling out chunks of my day for the upcoming school term. I want to be more organized, and make sure that I can fill in voids between classes or meals with something meaningful.

My ultimate goal this term is 90+ average, and on the Dean’s Honour List. This is the toughest term in my undergrad, so if I do accomplish this, it’ll feel so unbelievably awesome. I have a lot of smaller goals, like meet new people (something which didn’t happen much in the past), sleep on time, volunteer somewhere, learn how to skate, start learning how to play hockey, work out a bunch, join some new clubs, start the headphone club and other stuff that should be doable. This term will be fun.

Today I went out to try out ice skates. The first pair I tried was a bit tight around the ankle. I think I should size up in width. Other pairs just didn’t fit well at all. Tomorrow I’ll check out some other places and probably grab the skates and a helmet. I want to sign up for some skating lessons and they mandate the helmet which is a pain. I worked a bit more on my UW Open Data project for Visual C#. There’s a bug somewhere in my IsolatedStorage code that’s really bothering me so I’ll have to revisit that another day. I spent the rest of the time helping out a bit on StackOverflow.

I won’t be able to finish the PS3 game Ni No Kuni until after the school term ends, which is a bother. I really liked it, but I guess I ended at a good place. The game is absolutely wonderful, though aimed more at children than at grown men. Which reminds me, I have to get Animal Crossing sometime later, too. Apparently that game is wonderfully addicting, as MrSelatcia explains.

My friend gave me all the Kanto Pokemon badges as lapel pins for Christmas. I have honestly no clue what I’m going to put them on. I think the only half decent idea I have with them is to find an Eevee doll and dress up as Gary Oak next Halloween and be very smug haha. Seriously I have no clue what to do with them.

Anyways, happy new years! May you accomplish everything you have ever wanted, and more! :)

I have one thing I want to leave with you that I’m still thinking about.

If everything you want to accomplish doesn’t work out, are you prepared to be happy with yourself and your life?


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