starting winter 2014

First day back at school.

I have to remember for next term to not bring so much. I always end up bringing a car load and it takes way too long to unload the stuff from the car, and then unpack into my new room. I really envy the people who bring absolutely nothing — a laptop, some books, their clothes, and themselves. It sounds wonderful, though I can’t imagine living with so little. But I should.

I signed up for ice skating this morning. They seem to have removed it from the listings though. I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad sign… hopefully it’s full and not cancelled. Cancelled would make me very sad.

First day of classes was pretty awesome. All my teachers were pretty entertaining, and my courses actually seem fun and engaging, and more importantly related to engineering. The last few courses were very theoretical and abstract, which sucked a bit, but I can see where they come in handy. But at least now, we can actually make stuff rather than prove them. We’ll see how fun it’ll be after a month. :D


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