school again

First week of school over. Damn. This year is going to be insaneee.

All of my teachers are awesomely chill. Not many immediate flaws, but I guess as I experience more of their teaching styles I’ll be able to make a better judgment. For the most part it seems more to be a problem of the content.

Yeah, the content.

The worst course is really our Feedback Control class. I’m honestly not sure what I’m supposed to be learning from this class. The professor seems to be writing down diagrams and notes on the board, and I can follow along decently, but I can’t seem to understand the reasoning behind some of the concepts, and I think that’s very critical for this class. Apparently Feedback is probably the hardest class in the curriculum. It’s starting to feel that way as well.

I’ve learning that I love skating, except for the part where your feet absolutely kill during your time on the ice.

I registered for skating lessons for several months with KWSC (Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club). The first one was just Wednesday, and it’s really different actually having someone who knows what they’re doing teach you (if only in a group). As long as you understand the concepts, you can make yourself apply them while you’re skating, and with more experience you’ll start to form habits around them.

I say I really love skating because I also found out that UWaterloo has open skate times during the week. It’s actually pretty convenient that many of my classes don’t start until 1, where the open skate is between 11 and 12:30. I wouldn’t have been able to do this in previous terms, so this freedom and experience is actually really nice. Plus it makes me wake up earlier to get ready. I plan to go as much as possible.

As with skating, I’m pretty comfortable going forward now. I may need more work on crossovers and being more confident, because sometimes my skate wobbles. I’m learning how to go backwards, but progress is pretty slow. I can’t really brake either. I met a friend at the rink who spent the entire time braking. It was so cool.

I also met a new friend at the rink who gave me some pointers. I didn’t catch his full name so that’s a bummer, but I’ll wring it out of him the next time we meet. Awesome.

Back to school, apparently I’m now both my class’s MathSoc and WEEF rep. Hopefully the responsibilities there aren’t too excessive because this term’s work is starting to pile up. I’ve heard some not so nice things about the two, so I hope it will turn out well. I guess I wanted more work this term, and here I’ve got it. Kick some ass.

Also going to do more volunteering and helping out with the first-years if possible. I’ve had some bad experiences with the upper-years so I want to not leave the same impression on the next generation. It’s kinda silly that this would even be a reason.

Next week, helping out critiquing resumes and meeting the first years, as well as MathSoc meetings and more skating.

I wanted more work. I’ve got it. Time to make the most of it. go go go


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