am i being overworked?

Here’s something interesting.

This term is actually extremely work-heavy. But I’m still finding time to go do other things like help out, and meet new clubs. It’s a bit strange and pretty interesting.

I find myself thinking about how much work I have, and while I groan, it still makes me happy that I’m working.

Maybe it’s part of the thought that I can actually do all of this without being so worried about grades or failing. It’s in the back of my mind, but while all of this is really hard, I’m actually motivated to do well, and just as importantly, I feel like I can do well.


I’m wondering if this has anything to do with perspective. I really took Shawn Achor’s TED Talk to heart, and it’s actually been really awesome to see how being happier helps so much with your outlook on life. I like it.

This work is tough, but it’s doable, and to be honest, it’s getting a lot more interesting.

It’s really all about your perspective. Learning that first hand is a bit … interesting, to say the least.


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