A New Class of Jokes

I remember back in the 12th grade, I was talking to a friend about how basically every single joke makes fun of someone in someway (like laughing at a mistake or doing something stupid yet funny). She mentioned puns and I couldn’t find any argument against that except that puns made people cringe. In retrospective that should’ve been enough, but at least now, I think it’s time to admit I was wrong. Thankfully.

I have this really cool and smart friend that so far I’ve only seen him make really different kinds of jokes that I classify as actually-a-real-joke jokes.

He does this thing where he’ll take a word and flip the meaning of its sub-words to make a new, non-sensical word, but he does so in a way and with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but smile (and facepalm).

For example, one of my favourites he’s said is, “Microsoft? More like, MEGA HARD.” Which is technically correct in both the opposite of soft – hard, and the opposite of micro (1 millionth) – mega (1 million).

I think I’m starting to find and realize that these class of jokes are a lot more entertaining (not to mention nicer!) than jokes that revolve insulting people or making fun of something. It takes real skill and personal awareness to generate these real jokes, versus what we’re usually used to. So that’s nice.

While I can’t say I can do this now, and my own personal awareness has been faltering due to the stress of school, I would like to at least point this as an ideal to strive towards – entertaining without hurting anyone’s feelings in any form.

It’s also why I think the new Doge meme is so popular – most memes just silly and non-sensical, like people are trying to just have fun and make silly things. Sometimes it’s used sarcastically to make fun of something, but the end result is still so happy because of the picture of that Doge dog.


Let’s all try to cut down on the insults and make people laugh, without the negativity.


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