everyone has the same dreams

We don’t have this discussion enough.

Everyone really dreams about the same things. Everyone has the same ideals. Everyone wants the same things from the world.

Everyone wants someone fair and unbiased ruling over them. Everyone wants to be fair and unbiased when they deal with others. Everyone wants to be respected by others. Everyone wants to respect their idols. Everyone wants to feel appreciated when they do good. Everyone wants to enjoy their time. Everyone wants to feel safe. Everyone wants to feel like they belong.

One day, we encounter conflict that tests our desires. Maybe we get torn between our love for our hobbies and the daily grind of school and work. Maybe we find that our peers don’t respect us the way we thought they did. Maybe we don’t see the point of what we’re doing. Maybe we found out our idols were false. Maybe we found that it doesn’t matter if we’re playing fair if someone else isn’t.

When these desires break down, we act out, attacking the desires of others. And this continues on and on.

We all want the same things when we deal with others. It’s good to be aware of that when we talk to others. We all have our ideals in how we behave. Our experiences simply shape whether we live up to them.


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